The idea behind Airside Andy goes back to a time our own crew were staring out of an airport window looking at all the planes and crazy airport vehicles.

The longer we stared the more we saw and our minds started to wander and have fun with stories based around these planes and vehicles.

A few drawings later when we got home and we got to imagining our own airport world. We called our world “Airside Andy”.

The best part of the story began in 2014 we met with Technicolor and Flying Squirrel Games, who turned our imaginations into digital code and Airside Andy, the MMO, was born!

After months of building we’ve created a world that recreates the splendour of travel and the awesomeness of the airport and we hope you and your kids have as much fun playing it as we’ve had building it.

Dream beyond the sky!!!

To get in contact, email us at [email protected]

Or if you prefer snail mail, Airside Andy Ltd, Sandown Sports Park, More Lane, Esher, Surrey KT10 8AN.