Safety at Airside Andy

We take online safety very seriously and have many systems in place to protect your child.

Social interactions are all communicated via fixed chat, which means all speech can only be made through pre-determined phrases, which we have installed within the airport communications.

Avatar names will only be displayed after they have been reviewed by us and after parent verification has been approved.

How do I Play?

Airside Andy is very easy to play, even for beginners! Listen and watch out for where help is needed in the airport. To help you get started you can watch some of our Video Tutorials.

How do I find my friends?

You can search for your friends through your own virtual smartphone. Touch the smart phone icon.

You will see an option at the bottom of the screen to search for friends. You must enter the exact name to find your friend. Once you’ve found your friend, just click the + (add) button to send a friend request to them. Check the ‘pending’ tab to see you friend request waiting.

You will also see a tab within your smartphone that allows you to see requests made to you.

How will I know I have a friend request?

Your smartphone icon will display a symbol (similar to your real phones and tablets) indicating you have requests. Within the smartphone you will see a tab ‘requests’. Touch the request and choose whether to accept or not.

How do I become an Airside Andy member?

‘Plane’ simple…. just follow this link to our membership sign up page.

How do I play on another device?

If you login with Game Center or Google Plus, you just login with the same account on the other device and voila, you get all your data back! 🙂

Can I play on my home computer?

Airside Andy was built for smart phones and tablets so at the moment it is mobile only.

We will have some fun and games to play through the website, but all the main action takes place through your mobile or tablet device.

How do I keep my account safe from hackers?

We work very hard to make sure you and your account is kept safe and secure. The only way someone can hack your account is if they find out your password. These guidelines should help keep you safe:

  1. Choose a strong password. Don’t use your name, your pet’s name, your favourite food or anything else that someone could easily guess. We recommend using the following website to make a good password:
  2. Once you have your password, DON’T write it down or keep it anywhere someone else could see it or find it (like in the back of a schoolbook,for example). Memorise it!
  3. NEVER tell anyone else your password. We really mean it: NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR PASSWORD!! EVER!!! Not your friends in-game, not your friends at school, even if they offer to tell you theirs in return. The only exceptions are your parents or guardians, or maybe your teacher (if they’re nice!).
  4. If you have to tell your parent or teacher your password, make sure you whisper it quietly into their ear in case there are other people around who might overhear you say it.
  5. If you are sharing your phone or tablet make sure nobody can watch your fingers when you’re typing your password! Either practice your password so you can type it really fast, or keep your device close so no one can see.

If you follow these guidelines, your account will be safe from hackers.

If there is a problem concerning issues of privacy, please report the issue to us at [email protected]

How do I cancel my Airside Andy Membership?

Sorry to see you go, hope you come back soon. In the meantime:
To cancel your recurring Airside Andy Membership, please visit your iTunes and/or Google Play account and follow the cancellation instructions.

Deleting the app will not automatically cancel the membership fees.

The quickest way to reach us for help is to email us: [email protected]

You may also phone us at +44 (0) 20 8337 4141