Want to know more about the game or need help? Watch our tutorial videos for more information; These can also be found in the Airside Andy App by tapping on the ‘video’ icon on the left hand side.

About Airside Andy

First of all, a general clip telling you a little bit more about the world of Airside Andy, and what you can do in the game.

Getting Around

A tutorial showing you how to move around the game, and how to get from one place to another in a variety of ways!


There are many different tasks to complete to help Andy and Tilly manage the airport- this video takes you through some of them.

Buy New Costumes

This tutorial shows you how to buy costumes. If you would like to find out more about which costumes are available to buy, please visit the costumes page.

Add Your Friends

Learn how to add friends and interact with them using pre-defined text for a safe and controlled environment.

Kit out your Hangar!

This tutorial shows you how to kit out your personal hangar- what will yours look like?

Community Interactions

Let your voice be heard by voting for which airport expansion you would like next, and use your airport points to contribute towards this.

Cut and Dye your Hair!

This tutorial shows you how to cut and dye your hair. Mix two hair dye colours to create a new colour as a result!

Vending Machines and Special Powers!

Learn how to use the vending machines to purchase special powers and actions to use in the game.

Baggage Game

This tutorial shows you how to master our very popular baggage game, with the help of Lifty, Shifty and Swifty!

Sky Dash Game

Learn how to play the sky dash game with this tutorial- you can play this single and multiplayer, so get your friends involved!

Plane Match Game

This tutorial shows you how to play the plane match game. There are three different levels to complete, therefore when it gets too easy, you can progress to the next difficulty.

Paper Plane Game

Finally, learn how to play our paper plane game. Use the wind speed and direction to estimate where your paper plane will land.