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Have an Airplane Party!

Every good party starts with a theme, and airplanes and airports great themes!  Airplanes can represent awesome fun, adventure and excitement so it’’s no wonder that they’re popular choices for kids’ parties. From vintage boeings with ordnance maps for an old-fashioned feel to modern crisp, white paper airplanes like the kind the cheeky Airside Andy avatars throw around the airfield sometimes, […]

Airside Andy Testers on Airplane

Kids are fascinated by airplanes, but where do planes live, airports!  And airports are even more intriguing for kids.   Planes come in all shapes and sizes: from airbuses, jumbo jets and huge cargo planes to jet planes and two seater propeller planes.   When kids see a plane they yell, ‘plane’.   Even small planes are […]

Airside Andy Celebrates Launch with Prizes!

Hurray! Airside Andy has flown its open beta on to the iOS and Android runways 🙂 Our highly interactive game has been designed in partnership with Technicolor and Flying Squirrel Games (ex Club Penguin and Dragonvale). This is a world first, the very first 3D virtual world for kids which has been designed specifically for smart phones and […]

Exhausted Hashtag #Betaparents?

With #Betaparents trending on Twitter yesterday, but in a digital context and not the “drawing battle-lines against alpha mums context” where I first came to hear the term, I figured there’s no better time to talk about what being a “Beta parent” means to ol’ me. The definition of Beta parent has evolved from being a […]

Airside Andy on Kids Online Safety

Airside Andy’s world delivers when it comes to kids online safety. Our aim from the very beginning has always been to create a brand that children adore and mums and dads trust. As the brand has developed from book, to show, to app, the core mission has remained the same: fun, safe learning. At Airside Andy, […]

Airport in Motion! – Newcastle International, UK

There’s a lot of work involved in creating a great airport like Airside Andy’s Intercity Airport!  From checking-in the passengers to loading the planes, it takes a big team and a lot of crew scamps. Here to prove it is a short film from Airside Andy’s friends at Newcastle Airport where, from dusk till dawn you […]