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Blogging for everyone

As the internet and technology influence our lives on a daily basis, there’s no better time to experience the benefits of blogging.  Whether it is something you do for fun or a profession, blogging can bring huge benefits to you and others around you. The power of a blog to educate, inspire, influence and bring like-minded people […]

Paper Airplane Game and Personalised Hangars

Hey Airside Andy friends.  We hope you’re enjoying the new app update, featuring a STEM enhanced paper airplane game and personalised hangar spaces to decorate and call your own. We’ve been having lots of fun in the office, getting to grips with the new features… Paper Airplane Game Our first favourite feature is the new […]


We’re Having a Twitter Party – May 5th

Be an avatar in a Video with Airside Andy!  Who wants to Play with us? Join us for our very 1st Twitter Party in conjunction with SpectreCom Films & Mothers and Shakers! We want to share all the new features of our latest app update with our Airside Andy friends and will be celebrating the […]

Learning Through Kids Apps

Lots of parents and school teachers recognise the potential of child-friendly tablets and kids apps in education, and are incorporating these technologies into their children’s daily lives.  As devices and technology have evolved to be more intuitive and child-friendly, they have opened up a world of possibilities for many young children who may not yet fully communicate […]

Competition: iTunes Vouchers with Mothers and Shakers

Hope you were able to treat your loved ones to some delicious chocolates this Easter 🙂 To ease us back into the lighter, brighter working week, and the coming of the Summer Term, we’ve teamed up with Mothers and Shakers to offer a chance to win £50 worth of iTunes vouchers. We are giving away £50 […]

Gameplay Know-How

At Airside Andy we are all about providing kids with fun and entertaining experiences, within a safe online environment. Airside Andy does not require any upload of personal data to be displayed or exchanged, making it incredibly safe and giving you peace of mind. By playing games and exploring the virtual airport you earn coins which can be redeemed […]

Meet Andy and Tilly

My child loves Airside Andy, but who are the characters they work at the airport with? How are they different to my avatar? And how do they keep the airport running smoothly? As your child builds the airport with others and new characters emerge, you’ll be able to tell the difference between all the friends […]

Airside Andy on YouTube

Subscribe to the new Airside Andy YouTube channel, where you can see exclusive trailers, reviews and game play on the move. By subscribing to our channel you can be the first to watch all the great Airside Andy videos available on YouTube.

Cargo Planes with Amazon Competition

Amazon has a new plan to get their deliveries in time to their customers…and they made need Andy’s help! According to Reuters, Amazon has signed a deal to lease 20 Boeing 767 cargo planes from Air Transport Services Group. Pretty cool! Cargo planes have no passenger seats and, instead, only carry goods, or cargo. You can ship just […]