Info For Parents

Becoming an Airside Andy Member

Welcome Parents! We wanted to create a page just for you to tell you everything you need to know about signing up to Airside Andy. The basic version of the game is free to play, but we also offer a special Airside Andy Membership that gives your child daily virtual goodie bags filled with tons of currency with which to play.


Keeping children safe online is of paramount importance to our community. For many children, Airside Andy will be their first experience of participating in an online community and we take the responsibility of guiding them through this new adventure very seriously. You can learn more about our safety procedures here.

We do not offer our players the ability to chat freely on an open platform. Communication between players is by way of fixed chat with pre-determined phrases.

Notwithstanding the above we have profanity filters and in-house moderators who oversee all new usernames and we are incorporating an underlying protective framework working with CRISP and the Parent Zone to provide an overreaching safe and secure environment for all our players.


Airside Andy is great fun! There are a lot of activities for kids to do: play games, socialise with friends, and explore the airport.


We passionately believe that children learn best when they’re having fun and this principle is right at the heart of Airside Andy. Children can earn coins by loading and unloading planes, playing games and keeping the airport clean and tidy!

Learn more about the educational benefits of the game here.

Value for money

We wish we could offer everything on Airside Andy for free but sadly we have to be the airport staff 🙂 We believe the game represents exceptional value for money given the large number of fun and educational activities children can engage in and it is only going to get bigger.