Airport in Motion! – Newcastle International, UK

There’s a lot of work involved in creating a great airport like Airside Andy’s Intercity Airport!  From checking-in the passengers to loading the planes, it takes a big team and a lot of crew scamps.

Here to prove it is a short film from Airside Andy’s friends at Newcastle Airport where, from dusk till dawn you can watch the hustle and bustle of the Newcastle International Airport, United Kingdom, in this awesome time-lapse video.

Time-lapse videos show us very quickly what normally happens slowly over a long period of time.  In this video we can see a whole day and night in the airport, all rolled into a hyper-speed 3.5 minute video.

Here you can see airplanes as they make their journeys off the runway, you can see the baggage carts, the landing of planes and the many people it takes to help the planes get ready for takeoff.

The film-maker Jack Fisher said, “It’s a look at the many moving cogs that have to make the airport turn.”

That’s why Airside Andy is so lucky to have lots of crew scamps working at his Intercity Airport!

Take a look at the video and tell us what you can see!

Can you see the Control Tower?

How about the Workshop and the Airfield?

How many airplanes can you see?

Mums and Dads:

Airside Andy’s World launches in November but we would love for you and your children to get involved in trialling the game, with free install, free membership and free currency.  Please register your interest, either by signing up to the newsletter or by email at [email protected]

Find out more about the North East of England’s largest airport at, or go to to see more of Jack’s work.

Music: Time by Jungle