Airside Andy on Kids Online Safety

Airside Andy’s world delivers when it comes to kids online safety.

Our aim from the very beginning has always been to create a brand that children adore and mums and dads trust. As the brand has developed from book, to show, to app, the core mission has remained the same: fun, safe learning.

At Airside Andy, we believe in:

  • Fun!  Our number one aim is to make kids happy! 🙂
  • Digital Learning! We create a world where digital gaming enhances our kids’ learning, rather than distracts from it.
  • SEL Social and emotional learning provides the building blocks to a well-rounded, happy child.  It’s why our games incorporate team-work and group goals on a social platform.
  • STEM It’s never too early to expose children to activities that aim to enhance analytical skills and problem solving in a blended learning environment that encompasses all the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  We’ve built STEM-focus into Airside Andy’s world.
  • Family! Airside Andy is a world made for sharing, allowing children and parents to play together.
  • Safety! We have created an app that covers kids online safety at every step.
To give you a lowdown on some of the safety features, here’s a set of frequently asked questions, plenty more of which can be found in the “Parents” section of the website. For updated information on Airside Andy please sign up to the parents newsletter.

Personal Information: Is AA collecting, transmitting or accessing personal information from the user to someplace outside of Airside Andy?

User information stored locally on the app is solely stored by Airside Andy and its server solution Playfab.  We do not store any information that can identify a child – no names, no address or anything like that.  We receive as little information as possible, namely the avatar name, a password and a parent’s email, for the purpose of password retrieval and VPA (verifiable parents approval).  This information is not shared with any outside parties.

Purchasing: Can my child make additional purchases within the app, after downloading it from the app store?

Yes, but not without parent permission.  Permission takes the form of an Apple or Google password entered by the parent.  Purchases and payments cannot be made without this password.  

Social Media and Plug-ins: Does AA include any integration with social media sites like FB or any other online service?

No! Our audience is too young to legally be on Facebook 🙂  We would never encourage with type of integration with the children’s app.

Internet: Does AA have links to the internet or app stores?  In other words, will links in the app take my child outside of the app and into other online spaces?

No! We will not promote other products or apps relating to third parties.  That’s a promise 🙂

Advertising: Does AA app include advertising networks?

Nope! Not to kids 🙂

App performance Reports: Does Airside Andy app generate anonymous usage reports?

Yes, Airside Andy operates analytics software to report usage and errors in order to improve the app’s performance.  This anonymous data is stored for the purpose of improving our product only.  This data does not contain anything identifiable like birth-dates of locations, for example.  The information is held within Airside Andy and its server solution Playfab only; it is never sold or distributed outside of our group.

How Can I stay informed about the latest changes to online privacy?

As it works to constantly uphold those regulations as set by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), parents can stay informed about the latest changes to kids online safety by signing up to our newsletter.