Gameplay Know-How

At Airside Andy we are all about providing kids with fun and entertaining experiences, within a safe online environment.

Airside Andy does not require any upload of personal data to be displayed or exchanged, making it incredibly safe and giving you peace of mind.

By playing games and exploring the virtual airport you earn coins which can be redeemed in the airport shops for awesome costumes with unique power to enhance your avatar wardrobe!

As a new player you get 150 coins to help start the creation of your avatar and help explore your favourite airport.

Gameplay can enhanced with membership (details here) but is not a pre-requisite to joining the game.

kids gaming earn coins

1. What is Airport Andy?

Airport Andy is a virtual world where you are invited to join the fun with the characters Andy and Tilly, and the wacky airport vehicles which work together to get the planes off on time.

Create an avatar and dress him or her up like a robot. Fly with a superhero costume, play fun games and explore the behind-the-scenes airport locations.

Playing games and working to keep the airport clean and tidy will earn you rewards in the form of coins that you can trade to get cool outfits and accessories.

2. Do children need to register to play Airside Andy?

Children will need to create a username and register a parent’s email in order to play.  Username will not be displayed until parent has approved the account within 10 days.

3. How do I play Airside Andy?

In the airport there’s so much you can do!

Once you’ve created your avatar, you can go exploring!

The airport is a beautiful and magical place so explore the locations like the Control Room  and the Airfield; and keep your eyes peeled for jobs that need doing like unloading cargo and picking up litter!

You can keep count of your coins by looking at the number displayed on the top-right of the screen.

earn coins

4. How do I earn coins?

You get consumable and clothing in Airside Andy using coins. To earn coins, play the games in the airport and keep the airport tidy as you explore.

It is easy to remember: the more you play the more you coins you get for your avatar.

5. What are the system requirements?

You’ll need an Android or iOS device to play Airside Andy. Easy peasy!

While we do our best to make all our online experiences as safe as possible, we encourage all parents and guardians to talk to their children about online safety.