Learning Through Kids Apps

Lots of parents and school teachers recognise the potential of child-friendly tablets and kids apps in education, and are incorporating these technologies into their children’s daily lives.  As devices and technology have evolved to be more intuitive and child-friendly, they have opened up a world of possibilities for many young children who may not yet fully communicate by reading and writing but are full of ideas that they want to express.

Technology like tablet or phone apps can support social interaction and communication skills as it makes it easy for kids to show people the things they want to talk about or to describe the things and experiences they encounter in their day-to-day lives to their family and friends.

By doing this through mobile applications – whether that be through a video app like Skype, or a gaming app like Minecraft, children are also learning to take turns, to take into account the reactions of their conversation partner and to explain things in a way that’s understandable for somebody who isn’t in the same place.

Apps can promote kids creativity – there’s a plethora of creative apps out there, and open-ended games like Airside Andy are an excellent example of this.  After creating and personalising an avatar a child playing in the virtual airport can chat or message other players using pre-determined, safe text, earn coins by refuelling the vehicles can picking up litter, or simply explore the rich digital landscape of the 3D world through binoculars.


All of these components make children active creators, instead of passive consumers of knowledge.  Games like MMOs that do not require prescribed outcomes and become progressively more challenging, can encourage children to explore and think creatively, and the more fun they have the more likely kids are to establish a love of learning and to lay the foundation for their future development.

Mobile apps can offer a vast range of interesting, interactive activity scopes for the young learners. The focus for many modern day developers is on keeping kids engaged; when children are engaged, they learn.


Tablets can help in learning to read too. Tools such as e-books with text markers, or fixed chat facilitators such as those in Airside Andy, can promote reading and conversation skills as learning transforms from textbook to interactive,  ‘hands-on’ edu-tainment.

Always remember though, choosing an app needs the same kind of thought and care you would put into buying anything else for your child. Don’t rely only on the star rating, but read the user reviews and check the privacy policy if you’re worried about the personal information that the app might be collecting. The Internet, after all, wasn’t built for kids, and the standard methods of advertising to adults online, which rely heavily on data collection, should not be in the children’s space. If you have any concerns please visit The Parent Zone or email [email protected] for further guidance.

Airside Andy Celebrates Launch with Prizes!

Hurray! Airside Andy has flown its open beta on to the iOS and Android runways 🙂

Our highly interactive game has been designed in partnership with Technicolor and Flying Squirrel Games (ex Club Penguin and Dragonvale).

This is a world first, the very first 3D virtual world for kids which has been designed specifically for smart phones and tablets. If you look at other MMOs in this space, such as Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters, they were designed and built originally for PCs then developed into apps. As a result, certain aspects of game play are not wholly suited to the app environment. We focused solely on the mobile and tablet which has allowed us to get it right, right from the start.

Simple functionality, such as interconnecting play areas means users can walk around as if they are truly within the busy space of a working airport. Together with stunning graphics we are offering kids an open-ended game-play within the fascinating airport environment.



Kalvin Morrow, Founder of Flying Squirrel Games said: “Children love airplanes, vehicles and travel; Airside Andy has it all. It’s colourful and creative, and a place where children can work together to keep a real-life location operating and continuously developing.”

More games, interactivity, user customisation and learning-based content will be launched within the game in the coming months, with a new update installed today! 🙂

Today’s update includes a brand new robot costume so please take the time to check it out!

To celebrate our special launch – our “birthday” – so to speak, we’ll be spending the whole of March giving away children’s goodies in weekly competitions through our social media channels – both Twitter and Facebook.  For your chance to win, just follow the instructions on screen.  Good luck!